6th PNAA International Nursing Conference in Manila

Darlene Borromeo, Lodar Escobillo, Dr. Josefina Tuazon, May Mayor and Jerome Babate

Manila, January 31 - It was truly a great two-day experience attending an international nursing conference. The top honchos of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) headed by no less than May Mayor were in full attendance literally. Coming in droves at over a hundred delegates was something to be proud of. The Silliman graduate, Dr. Jean Yan who is currently the chief nurse scientist in the Geneva-based World Health Organization provided interesting thoughts on caring for the world, our homeland and ourselves.

Likewise, Prof. Leo Jurado who is the president of the New Jersey Board of Nursing gave a very good updates on the nursing regulation in the United States.

One thing missing on the programme was the active participation of the Philippine Nurses Association particularly Dr. Lead Paquiz who could have been expected to speak on pressing nursing issues in the Philippines today. There are also notable nursing leaders of this country who were likewise not included in as resource speakers.