Lyrics of BND Hymn

Finally, a hymn of the Society was rightly composed. Thanks to the creativity of our dear member, Ss. Honey Jane Carvajal. Anytime soon, a member may put up a soul to this composition. We are excited to publish the whole composition to attract interested party who may have the best ear for music.



It started small but now it is successful

It continues to spread and it conquers all

It truly believes that people were born to become leaders and to train them is a step to be done


Talents were distributed to each and every one of us

And for sure these will help boost the society

Even in a single act we can make a triumphant scene

And this will prove that nurses with pure heart could win


Keep on doing what we knew was best

For this will surely create the rest

The society brings out the leadership to us nurses

Teaching us to use our talents towards success


Nurses are thought to be epitome of talents

That to give care to another is such a time well spent

We don’t care just for monetary terms or money

For even with a single gratitude coming from the patients we sure are worthy


Never let this profession down

do best and uplift the society and nurses towards great success…