DDB Student Nursing Cup, NDDU Bets Are Champs!

October 14, General Santos City - The 2007 DDB Student Nursing Cup unfolds today and Notre Dame of Dadiangas University romps home the coveted Cup. The event was held at the covered court of the General Santos Doctors Medical School Foundation
The Cup:One Big Reason to Compete

The Champs

Earlier on, Kea Estabillo (NDDU) and Honey Jane Carvajal (GSDMSF) tied for the essay writing contest.

For the quiz bowl competition, NDDU's trio of Kim Salamanca, Verlyn Aniversario and Vener Damasco assert its superiority in the intellectual department particularly on two (2) nursing topics: Fundamentals of Nursing and Community Health Nursing.

Finally, for the singing contest, Cynthia Balayon and Kim Salamanca's duo prove an expected result.

The Winning Duo

After the event, the delegates and audience were treated to a dinner party at IP Antipolo by the event's organizers. Truly, today's event was a memorable one as well as very friendly albeit competitive atmosphere.

This event is made possible by a modest financial support of the Society's member, Darlene Dilangalan Borromeo. Ms. Borromeo is the past PNA New Jersey president and currently, an associate director of nursing of Bergen Regional Medical Center.

Below are the essays of Ms. Estabillo and Carvajal

The BND Essayists: Kea Estabillo and Honey Jane Carvajal

What A Nurse Stands: Giver Of Care ( K M Estabillo)

Nursing as a respected profession embodies both specialized knowledge and skills. It is integrated in this field, then, the attitude in handling, juggling, and facing the procedures to be learned and the theories that one should adapt in order to succeed the predicaments in store.

Caring is one of the traits that a pursuer of this study, nursing, must possess. From the word denied in nursing, “nurse” stands as giver of care. The exemplifies what causing is all about in all its vulgarity. Through nursing modules and demonstrations, this human character is being discovered, developed, and further enhanced. Though this mainly holds the purpose for the benefit of the future nurse’s clients, as it is part of the holistic service that has to be rendered, this possess also as a moral must-have and mortal need of the scholar herself, for the totality of her being.

But must one be mandated to be inept with this? Darlings, this trait is not surely subject and good for exercising on to clients, like the rights of the people are done for the world’s society. Caring has to be innate in every future and present nurse because, truth be told, without it, she is good for nothing.

Remember, the nurse becomes into being and is popular for here carative elements. Thus, if one has to deliver her means, caring plans a great role that comes along. It comes natural as it is really the definition nursing stands by.

It is the big job of the nurse to make her recipients of care comfortable in their less fortunate situations as much as possible. In achieving this, what does one must emanate and show?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me humbly provide you the answer to the question.


How do you show care? What is care in the first place? We know that when we love, we care and when we show care, we touch life. Is there difference between a care from a nurse or a care somebody else?! Well, let’s just say, there is.

Caring by the way is giving not just the service but a heart that truly cares. Everybody could care but who really shows care when you’re in need? With these works a nurse should do, we know its not easy but it can be easy when we will it to be.

Nursing is a caring profession as we know it but is it applied? Nowadays. It hurts so much to see a nurse giving care because they need to. Isn’t wonderful to see that we care because we wont to and not because we need to?! There are many things we know we ought to do but do we apply it? Hmmmm…. To care is to give. We nurses must be governed by the three by the three guiding principles. Think, do, feel, that’s what nursing wants us to be and that’s what true care has to be.

God blesses us and we all must be thankful for that and to be in this nursing profession is such an opportunity because we were given the change to truly touch everybody’s being. In this profession, CARING is not essential but vital. Think what should be done, Do what you ought to act and FEEL that you’re an instrument that by God’s hands you bring hope and consolation which he brought during his days. We care because we want it and not because we needed to. It is easy to care but it is never easy to show you truly care. Nursing is not a joke and we know it is vital. We care with proper assessment, fitting plan, service and interventions and evaluate for better purposes.

Have you tried caring for people whom you never known before? Well, a nurse has done it everywhere because caring is a major part of nursing & a nurse doesn’t just give the usual care but a care that is indeed worthy.

CARING is vital; It is one of the components of nursing because with this nurses can be labeled not as dollar earners but somebody sent by God to touch & give the care equally given by God when he crucified himself just to heal us.