International Nurses’ Day 2007: A Day to Remember

May 12 – The International Nurses’ Day was successfully celebrated at the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University Auditorium, General Santos City. This is the first time ever in the history of Philippine Nursing that such an important event was conducted. The goals of the event include: to recognize the contributions and commitment nurses make to quality health care in the Philippines, raise awareness of the diverse interests of nurses of our community, to promote greater participation in local dialogue and exchange and, by doing so, to strengthen the nursing community locally, nationally and internationally.

The celebration could not be made plausible without the cooperation and genuine joint efforts extended by the Philippine Nurses Association, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, Philippine Nursing Student Association, and the Notre Dame International Nursing Alumni Network.

The venue was flocked by nursing professionals and student nurses altogether for the celebration of the Florence Nightingale International Nurses’ Day with the theme, “Positive Practice Environment: Quality Workplaces=Quality Patient Care”. Nursing students from General Santos Doctors’ Hospital, Notre Dame of Midsayap, and the incoming senior and junior nursing students from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University attended the occasion. On the other hand, nursing professionals from different hospitals and known health organizations in the city and the neighboring towns participated, as well, making the whole event extra special.

The morning part of the whole day event was intended for the parallel sessions for the students and professionals respectively. The nursing professionals had Mr. Jose Dagoc, Jr., RN, MAN as their resource speaker, whereas the student session was spearheaded by Ms. Ethel Vera Laquihon, Project Officer of the World Vision Development Foundation with the session title, Social Mobilization on TB Project.

Ms. Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo, RN, FACDONA, BC, FACDONA, FMLI, an honorary member of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, the Immediate Past President of the PNA in New Jersey and also the Associate Director of Nursing in Bergen Regional Medical Center conferred her greetings through her video clip message, partaking with the rest of the nursing community in this special occasion. Among the other prominent international nursing figures who have extended their greetings by way of their written messages which were read before the crowd were Dr. Hiroko Minami, President of the International Council of Nurses and Prof. Leo- Felix Jurado, PhD-c, RN, CNA, APN, C, the President of the Board of Nursing of the State of New Jersey and the President-elect, Philippine Nurses Association of America. Prof. Jurado quoted, “I challenge you to keep looking for that deeper purpose of why you became nurses. I am convinced that we all answered our calling like Florence Nightingale, to provide utmost nursing care wherever, whenever and to whoever. Enjoy your day! Celebrate Nursing!”.

Mr. Ian Mariano, RMT, the Asia-Pacific Coordinator of Public Services International, who is based in Singapore, was on the forefront of the afternoon session which was the main event of the day’s program. He discussed violence experienced by health workers in their workplaces from their aggressors or coworkers at that, with RN’s as the major victims, locally and even internationally leaving the whole of the crowd informed of the pitiful reality.

During the latter part of the afternoon program, eminent nurses who have had given historic and indisputable contributions in the realm of Nursing locally were recognized, acknowledged, and honored during that day. The giving of the Silver Nightingale and Academic Achievement Awards for the notable nurses was the highlight of the whole event.

The day ended incredibly well with positive responses and evaluations coming from both the student nurses and the nursing professionals who took part in the historic celebration of the International Nurses’ Day. Mr. Jerome Babate, RN, MBA, the President of the Notre Dame International Nursing Alumni Network and one of the founding members of Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, and the Chair of the Florence Nightingale International Nurses’ Day 2007 with feisty mood remarked, “We had a very successful and terrific International Nurses’ Day. Sure, this day will hopefully mark the beginning of annual celebrations of International Nurses’ Day.”

Mira Rosali is the convenor of the student session of the recently concluded, Florence Nightingale International Nurses Day. Her email is