Happy International Nurses Day

May 12, 2007 - On behalf of our colleagues at the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, we want to take this opportunity to wish you a very memorable and special International Nurses Day today.

As you know, International Nurses Day is a designated time to take a breath from our busy work and celebrate the many contributions of nurses. It is nurses at all levels and from all backgrounds who are the heart and soul of our hospitals and barangay health centers. Your dedication, compassion, and skilled nursing care are what make a lasting impression—not just on the thousands of patients and families we see each year, but also among our health care partners.

In honor of International Nurses Day , we invite you to take some time to think about the stories in your own nursing practice that have inspired you and left a lasting mark on your professional experience. Take some time to reflect on your own nursing career. A better way to do this is also to reflect on the life of Florence Nightingale where May 12 happens to be her birthday. Like Florence, we know you have that passion to serve the people.

International Nurses Day also is an important time for us to thank you for your hard work and dedication. In the world of nursing, there are easy days and there are difficult days—and through it all, you are role models for the true spirit of collaboration and partnership.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize our colleagues who are the recipients of the maiden edition of the Silver Nightingale Awards. This recognition is given to nurses who are into nursing practice for at least 25 years.

1.Leila Lapidez, RN (RO Diagan)

2.Prof. Helen Sestina, RN MAN (NDDU)

3.Ethel Apuzen, RN MAN (BCSI)

4.Nellie Canda, RN RM (NLH)

5.Belen Polintan, RN (Dole Philippines)

6.Rebecca Martinez, RN (DEPED GSC)

7.Tessie Osoy, RN MAN (GS District Hospital)

8.Marlene Aponesto, RN (Howard Hubbard Hospital)

9.Caridad Sucia, RN (JC Puericulture Center)

10.Jane Lopez, RN (GS District Hospital)

11.Edna Togon, RN (GS City Health Office)

12.Rebecca dela Cruz, RN (NDDU)

13.Leila Garcia, RN MAN (NDDU)

14.Minerva R. Lumawag, RN (St. Elizabeth Hospital)

Colleagues who labored to advance their academic qualifications will be cited this May 12 event. Our recipients for the Academic Excellence Citations are the following individuals.

1.Jose Dagoc, RN MAN (NDDU)

2.Flora Ruiz, RN MAN (NDDU)

3.Ma. Antonieta Edris, RN MAN (GSDMSF)

4.Maximin Pomperada, RN MN (NDMU)

5.Mylene Arenas, RN MN (NDMU)

6.Rosie Madria, RN MN (NDMU)

7.Vanesa Palahang, RN MN (NDMU)

8.Eufemia Cortado, RN MN (NDMU)

Thank you for sharing your spirit, your dedication, your time, and, most importantly, your talents. Wishing you a memorable International Nurses Day in the Philippines!