Borromeo Fellows in Student Nursing Leadership

General Santos City - The first batch of the 2007 Student Nursing Leadership Training was a success with 12 leaders of three (3) chapters of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society participating. Meljois Resort which nestled at Barangay San Isidro provided the best hideaway for the emerging student leaders to discover their talents and strengths, to collaborate with one another and to foster friendship.
The 7-track training followed the Servant Leadership Framework which was ably facilitated by no less than the national president of the Society, Prof. Jerome Babate, RN MBA and by two training staffmembers. Below explains concisely the tracks.
Track 1 - Self-leadership. Knowing yourself is the first step in being a servant leader.
Track 2 – Listening. Being able to receive a message as the sender intends is basic to being a servant leader. We listen to discern the needs, goals, and talents of others. Listening quality improves when we listen for feelings as well as facts. We need to observe nonverbal as well as verbal messages while we listen to someone.
Track 3 - Visioning. A vision statement is used to describe what will be happening when your mission is being fully implemented. It creates images of a preferred future that can inspire and motivated people. A vision includes both thoughts and feelings that create pictures in the mind of others. Having and communicating a mission and a vision is central to being a servant leader.
Track 4 - Empowering. The goal of a servant leader is to have the individuals they serve meet their own needs, to accomplish their goals, and to use their talents fully. This skill may include delegating and training. Empowered individuals get more things done and extend the efforts of the servant leader.
Track 5 - Team. Work A servant leader spends much time working with others in groups. The skilled team leader is one who manages the stages of the decision making process used by the team. The leader observes the roles being supplied by the team members and contributes the missing roles required to make good decisions.
Track 6 - Consensus Decision Making. Members of a team or group are more likely to support a decision that they helped make. The skill is to draw out the ideas of every member and to find common areas of agreement for reaching goals. Voting tends to create feelings of winning and losing while consensus promotes involvement and commitment.
Track 7 - Project Management. The work of organizations today are often structured around projects. The servant leader has the skills of defining a project, organizing the project team members, and monitoring the progress and results of the project.
General Santos Doctors Medical School Foundation's recipients were Clyde Baculio (incoming senior student and his schools' editor-in-chief), Erwin Molinos, Maharlika Senarillos, and Jay-R Pascua (all incoming junior students). Sigrid Ilustre, Carlos Consing, Juneal Sun and Jane Aquino are incoming juniors of Brokenshire College SOCCSKSARGEN. Notre Dame of Dadiangas University's Jovelyn Alaba, Mira Rosali, Kareen Nacis and Joan Braga are incoming senior students.
These 12 participants are now called the pioneering "Borromeo Fellows in Student Nursing Leadership". From May 20 to October, the fellows will be expected to collaborate on two very important projects: Spirit of St. Camillus de Lellis Day and the DDB Student Nursing Cup. Mentoring and networking supports will be provided by the Society.
This project is made possible by a modest grant from the Society's honorary member, Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo. Information about this project can be viewed at