Alpha Chapter: Taking Another Step for its Reactivation

General Santos City-The Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society of NDDU, otherwise known as the Alpha Chapter inducted new members last May 11,2007 at PIT Compound as a part of the organizations reactivation plans.
A well planned induction program is advantageous for the on growing numbers of this society as they welcome 9 new other members that now consider themselves as the part of the BND history. Three new members are incoming 4th year students namely, Mary Keith Franz Siaotong, Vener Damasco, and Kareen Nacis. On the other hand, four are coming from the 3rd year who were known as Verlyn Aniversario, Giselle May Dava, Glyca Mae Delfin, and Christilene Tablo while two of them are incoming 2nd yr students namely Restituto L. Laraño Jr. and Sharileen Limpin.This induction initiates a cause for the change in the process of the organization development. To join in this Nursing Society is another way to support and guide the members on how to be a good leader and at the same time help them grow as a better and competent in their field, provided to novice nurses in the early stages of their careers. The rituals are made formal as a part of a ceremony to perform mainly the symbolic value as a big group, which is prescribed by a compliance obligations or ideals, strengthening of social bonds, demonstration of respect or submission, stating one's affiliation, obtaining social acceptance and approval for the organizations Goals, Mission, Vision and Principles.This is the start for the Beta Nu Delta as they grow as an institution.
The BND are still open in the recruitment for new members who could pass the standards of the organization to obtain a number of people who share certain aspects, interact with one another, accept rights and obligations as members of the group.
Restituto Laraño SN is an incoming sophomore student of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University and a recently inducted member of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society.