2007 Student Nursing Leadership Training, Initiated

Saturday – May 19, another historic event for the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, the 2007 Student Nursing Leadership Training formally and conspicuously made its ignition for the first time at Meljois Resort of the modest Barangay of San Isidro, General Santos City. Twelve selected nursing students coming from the three respective chapters of Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society completed the first batch of student nursing leadership trainees for the year 2007, which was proudly sponsored by Ms. Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo, RN, FACDONA, FMLI, an honorary member of BND, who is currently based in New Jersey. The entire training period was spearheaded by a good nursing leader exemplar in the person of Mr. Faustino Jerome Babate, RN, MBA, one of the seven founding members of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society.

The day was tremendously jam-packed with seven activities, principally designed and carefully planned to cultivate the leadership skills and potentials of the twelve dedicated participants. Each participant courageously accepted the challenge that each of the seven-track training activities demand. The whole-day event had not only provided the headship inculcation of pertinent must-be-learnt things for the apposite acquisition of dexterity to gear-up the twelve participants but it had also established an indispensable bond of friendship among them. Competition was out of sight during the whole duration of the activity but that doesn’t imply that the participants did not complete their tasks brilliantly. It was just that all of them managed to keep that happy faces all throughout because the seven-track training activities served all the participants well in all its sense- may it be sensible or undeniably insensible. Spontaneous opinions and creative ideas were naturally impelled out of the twelve participants’ conscious and subconscious minds which resulted to a harmonious and perfectly blended sea of thoughts and intelligent discussion of significant matters.

Kareen Kaye Nacis, Jovelyn Alaba, Mira Rosali and Joan Braga were the all-girl representatives of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University College of Nursing, together with upbeat Clyde Baculio, Lyka Senarillos, Jay-R Pascua and Erwin Molinos of General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation, and were joined by the buoyant bubbly folks from Brokenshire College SOCCSKSARGEN namely: Sigrid Ilustre, Carlos Consing, Jane Aquino and Juneal Sun. These twelve participants were coined as the ‘Borromeo Fellows in Student Nursing Leadership’.

Two very important events will be religiously participated by the Borromeo Fellows – the upcoming Spirit of St. Camillus de Lellis celebration will be fêted this July 18 followed by the Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo Student Nursing Cup on the 8th of September.

The day ended fruitfully, with the nature’s sign of approval – a cool, perfect breeze with raindrops of success and serenity!
Mira Rosali is an incoming senior nursing student at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. Her email is mrosali@mail.betanudelta.com