Nursing: A Profession and Passion

Truly, nursing is one of the most in demand courses nowadays. Most students take up nursing because of the thought of going abroad and with the dollars they will earn. Even if not desired, the parents of these students, who have elusive dreams of instant wealth, are also the contributing factors of this phenomenon.

Indeed, the nursing profession has been commercialized, a sad fate that is being mirrored in our society. Thus, the quality of nurses produced in our industry has begun to decline slowly.

Nursing is not an easy filed. It requires one to be equipped with knowledge, skills and right attitude. Most of the time, nurses face vulnerable people that needs optimal care and love. Their safety and wellness is highly regarded as our main priority. Errors and mistakes have no place in this career. Remember, we are dealing with humans and that we are responsible for them.

As a student, what we can do now is to study our lessons well. Read, read and read books. The inputs acquired in the class may not be enough and so dear students; it is our task to supplement our comprehension including those needing further learning.

A good nurse is not born, he is made. The familiar adage says, “Rome was not built in a day”, which implies that all great things require time and effort. Perseverance, patience and determination are the three essential ingredients in the nursing profession that one must have.
Moreover, I also do believe that the school, being a learning institution, plays a very important role in nurturing these students. Professionalism, proper decorum and compassionate caring are the things that need to be inculcated to the students during class discussions. The school is the place where the theories and principles are learned, therefore acquiring of knowledge is a vital process that has to be paid with much attention. These should be installed and carried on to the students efficiently.

Nursing is a word that defines a broad spectrum of caring and that demands strong dedication and wisdom. The job doesn’t end in giving medications and taking up patients’ vital signs, its more than that. Nursing being a profession is an occupation that properly involves a liberal education. On the other way around, it is also a passion which requires fervid devotion and outreaching of mind towards excellence and competence.

Maharlika M. Senarillos or Lyka is an incoming junior nursing student of General Santos Doctors Medical School Foundation, Inc. She is her school paper's news chief. You can reach her via