Living the Light of Florence Nightingale’s Merits

Nursing profession has truly made its name as one of the hottest career trends these days. It has become one of the most prioritized courses in the Philippines as attested by the rocketing numbers of nursing schools nationwide.

A great number of students believe that taking up nursing is the best passport to a brighter future. True enough. Filipino nurses are in-demand overseas because of the export quality of care and service they render to their recipients. To top it all, Filipino nurses are worldly renowned, and to give a concrete persona is Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo, one of the most successful figures in the field of Nursing in the United States of America.

Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo, RN, BC, FACDONA, FMLI, is the Immediate Past President of the PNA in New Jersey and is also the Associate Director of Nursing in Bergen Regional Medical Center.

She was the guest speaker of the Nursing Symposium sponsored by the Notre Dame International Nursing Alumni Network (NDINAN) last April 03, held at the NDDU Audio Visual Room 1, with the theme, “Challenges and Opportunities of Filipino Nurses in the US”. The said symposium was participated by the fresh graduates (L’amour de Vie 2007) and the upcoming seniors (Te Dienen 2008) of the College of Nursing of NDDU, and the nursing students from General Santos Doctors’ Hospital Foundation, as well.

“This is my home.” These are the words of Darlene, who wowed and inspired the nursing students. Darlene grew up here in General Santos City. She graduated in Lagao Elementary School, and pursued her secondary level in Mindanao State University as the second batch who graduated in the year 1972.

As a daughter of a lawyer and a pharmacist, she inculcated in her a great value for education. She went to Manila to pursue her studies where she finished her nursing degree at the Emilio Aguinaldo College. After two years of working in Manila, she went to United States of America to venture life. She first worked at a nursing home. Then starting from there, she started making history as a Filipina in the field of nursing profession as a Gerontological and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse. She is the first Filipina to receive the NJ Governor’s Nursing Merit Award as a Gerontological Nurse and is the First Asian American to become a scholar of Governor Christine Todd Whitman Excellence in Publice Service Series. Even though is now an American citizen, her heart will always be Pinoy not forgetting her roots.

“Come back to Gensan and give help.” These words are uttered by a compassionate and endearing woman, who has achieved a magnum of achievements in the field of nursing profession in the United States of America.

She quoted, “Ang taong di lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.” She is optimistic that by helping other people, she can inspire others to give back some help and share their blessings to their fellow ‘kababayans’.

Recently, Darlene extended her help and support to Fatima Highschool by donating to the Gearing Up Internet Literacy and Access for Students (GILAS) project.

Likewise, the Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo Nursing Leadership Program was officially launched during this event. This program is a major undertaking of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society.

Before the conclusion of the symposium and the short visit in the school, she donated some nursing books which will be made available at the University Library. These updated references will serve very useful to the nursing students.

Darlene is a dignified woman, a woman of character, a nurse destined to serve, and a great exemplar indeed to nursing students. She best radiates the ideals of Florence Nightingale of compassion, dedication, sincerity, and devotion to genuine and loving service to the people, especially to the sick and physically feeble and handicapped.

Mira Rosali is an incoming senior nursing student of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. She is active in the student school paper.