Labor Day Message for our Nurses

We want to thank those of you who reach out to somebody who hurts, somebody in need. You see, the great strength of the country is not our military might or economic prowess, the great strength of the country is the heart and soul of the Filipino people particularly the nurses. Millions of acts of kindness and decency go on on a daily basis. Millions of acts of decency and kindness help define the true worth and the true strength of this Filipino country.

And so on Labor Day, a day in which we honor the worker, let us honor those who work to make our society and country a more compassionate place by helping a neighbor in need, by doing your job as a citizen of the country, by being a patriotic person, which means more than just putting your hand over your heart. It means serving your country in ways large and small, all aimed at lifting up this nation, all aimed at keeping us one of the admired nations on the face of the Earth.

May God bless you all, and may God continue to bless the Philippines.