BND Members' Views on CGFNS Visa Screen Denial and Approval of the NCLEX Site in Manila

Here are the views of the members of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society on CGFNS Visa Screen Denial and the Approval of the NCLEX Site in Manila

Aquino, Juedjane Mae

NCLEX is one of the important examinations in the nursing profession. It is good hear that it will have a local site her in our country so that the nurses will have an easy, affordable accessibility of the screening. It is more affordable in the sense that the nurses don't need to go abroad just to take the examination but at least have it here in our own country.

Georlin, Dianah

Well.. its good idea... considered as, big credit it our country. It's also signified that the Philippines already regained the trust of other nations (in particular, the US) , in employing Fiilipino nurses abroad.

Macgyner Kim

It would be a great benefit especially to the Filipino nurses who cannot afford to take the NCLEX examination abroad. The only thing is that the competition becomes more difficult. Another thing is that it fasters the migration of Filipino nurses making the Philippines a low on nursing population.

Sun, Juneal

For those nurses who passed the exam with out leakage, it would be unfair for them but I understand the (CGFNS) management if they would deny the visa screen because they would want to secure the quality service that Filipino nurses can offer.

Ilustre, Sigrid Clarise

I think that it's very sad and unfortunate. I can imagine the great and consequential disappointment experienced by these people. The whole controvery involving the 2006 exam has created a stigma which is indeed very disheartening. These people are suffering from the shady dealings of others and it's upsetting.

Carlos Consing

It is very frustrating. It really fell down the moral of the nurses who passed.