Society's Honorary Member is Fellow of AAN

The first honoary member of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society is nominated for fellowship to the prestigious American Academy of Nursing. He will be inducted to the Academy on Fall 2006
Dr. Locsin is today's active Filipino nurse educator and researcher whose credentials are superior.
He received his nursing degrees (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate) from Silliman University and University of the Philippines Manila
Accoding to him, "my commitment to service in nursing is evident in my current and future endeavors. I sustain a program of service that includes teaching and research in various settings, particularly in the international arena. I believe that the “smallness” of the world has created a more diverse global citizenry. Appreciating this diversity furthers one’s commitments to knowing others as participants in the drama of what it is to be in this world. Further, I exercise my vision of service in nursing as the appreciation of the integral nature and value of globalization. Importantly, I believe that the unfolding of a reciprocal relationship is built upon the perspective of wanting to know others through first-hand contacts, as in international exchange programs and study-abroad courses. Publishing in international journals, facilitating international conferences, participating in global networks and collaborating in multi-national research endeavors are some of the strategies through which I envision bringing this vision to fruition."