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Ma. Cynthia Leigh Appointed as Honorary Fellow

A renowned Filipino nurse educator in Australia was recently appointed as honorary fellow of the Australian Catholic University.

Ma. Cynthia Leigh, RN, Ph.D
Ma. Cynthia "Cindy" Leigh received this fellowship in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the University in ways that are aligned to the institution's mission, vision and values. This title was conferred in an honorary capacity, in the ongoing academic work of the University.

Cindy was for a long-time a senior member of the teaching staff of the school of nursing of the same University prior to her retirement on 2015.

Visiting Scholars and Fellows to UV

The University of the Visayas has recently designated the visiting scholars and fellows. A parcel of joint undertaking of the university and the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, the purpose of this program is to bring to the university scholars who can contribute to and enrich its intellectual and research activities.

The following individuals who will serve as the inaugural class of visiting scholars and fellows include:

Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo, RN, Ed.D - Missouri State University (USA)
Joel Patalagsa, RN, Ph.D - King Saud University (KSA)
Ma. Cindy Leigh, RN, Ph.D - Australian Catholic University (Australia)
Faustino Jerome Babate, RN, MBA - Nursing for Humanity (Australia)
Christian Pedrosa, RN, MHA - Australian Catholic University (Australia)

Therefore, in addition to conducting their own research, Visitors will be expected to actively participate in one or more of the following activities in the university:

  • Undertaking collaborative research with university staff members 
  • Presenting a 'master class' on their work or an area of expertise 
  • Presenting a paper or work-in-progress statement 
  • Giving a formal lecture to the university or wider community 
  • Attending small informal discussion groups to provide feedback to research students

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